Speed dating and calgary

by  |  26-Jan-2020 23:24

The rules for Calgary's ambitious attempt are rigid.

Men and women will sit across from each other, knee-to-knee, for three-minute mini-dates.

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A relaxed and comfortable approach to speed dating.

Rewarding lovely daters with discounts and complimentary events while saying no thank you to anyone we don't think you'll fancy meeting. Most American speed dating parties are a bit like being at a college job fair.

Complete with stop watches, whistles and a footie captain yelling “times up” in yer face!

We at Speed Calgary Dating, do things a wee bit differently. We are British founded and inspired but our daters are just like you. We tend to draw a crowd that is intelligent and amusing, sophisticated and adventurous, while always being cheeky.

It costs $35 to register for Calgary Speed Dating's world-record attempt and includes free food and a dance after the mini-dating.

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