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This is Crash Course World History and today we're going to talk about the entire fracking globe over the course of several centuries. I know, everything is such a bummer on crash course recently. The Aztecs extended their control over most of southern Mexico, parts of Guatemala, and the Yucatan, and they demanded tribute from conquered people in the form of goods, precious metals, and people to sacrifice. Trade and a very effective administrative structure held the empire together which was even more impressive when you consider all the roads and temples that were built atop mountains with nothing to haul things up those mountains except for lamas and people. Today I'm gonna try to tell you how tiny Spain's influence spread around the world and shaped the lives of almost every human on the planet, generally in negative ways. They're living more connected lives and all I can do is whine about how much better the old days were. And the job of the priests was to avoid these disasters by appeasing the gods, generally through human sacrifice. Founded in the thirteenth century, the Inca empire ruled between four and six million people by the time the Spanish showed up in 1532.Extremely sexy and busty MILFs have no fucking idea that they’re caught on hidden cams and change clothes in their bedrooms.

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The Aztecs formed out of an alliance of three major cities in modern day Mexico in about 1430, just 89 years before Cortez and his Conquistadors showed up.

And the fact that the Aztecs were basically ruling over thousands of people who hated them made it a lot easier for Cortez to come in and find allies to overthrow them. And they were really good at integrating conquered people into the empire, mandating that people learn the Incan language, and vitally, they ordered every male peasant under Inca control to do unpaid work for the Inca government for a specified period of time each year.

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