Sober dating los angeles

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Provides the community in the San Gabriel Valley with the following: A multilingual and multicultural supporting environment to access supportive services such as case management; counseling and counselor referrals, community resources information and referrals; and legal, medical, and public benefits advocacy.

Provides domestic violence victims and their children with the following: A confidential, private, and individual apartment units with computer and internet access for 18 months staying which can accommodate a maximum of 6 families (24 individuals) at any given time.

Homeless clinic and treatment center resources are also provided on the right navigational bar.

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As September 8, 2014 dawns over the San Gabriel Mountains, a morning of dread and expectation -- a day they have waited for -- finally begins for Hector Mendez and his wife of 34 years, Jara."All this time I have been asking, 'what happened, what happened,'" said Jara Mendez told "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher."We promised justice for Karla," said Hector Mendez. The sun really rose and set on Karla for both those parents.""They were very close," Maher noted."If they had a flaw at all ...

Karla Mendez Brada was their daughter."She didn't deserve this. Karla was Sasha Mendez' big sister and Jenny Rodriguez' best friend. they maybe were unwilling to see that their daughter had a secret side," said Glaser.

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