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Under the comic surface it's dark, subtle stuff, through this part of the film, at least.

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The new tool is only available to select users, but if someone with the feature calls someone without it, it forces the update To use the new Whatsapp tool, users open the Calls tab, select a contact and make a voice call using an internet connection.

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is sexy, daring, transgressive, brightly colored and often very funny, mixing up its five interwoven stories of people enjoying — and suffering — their sexual fetishes into an upbeat, vibrant crowd-pleaser which has seen it dislodge (after due adjustments), and if that sounds like a grand claim for the Sevillian director Leon — who's canny enough to know all of this — then it’s not entirely misplaced.

In the second story, Ana (Ana Katz) and Paco (Leon), winsomely always a bit baffled by things, are a couple whose sex life isn’t what it used to be.

As they’re trying to work out their issues, they’re visited by Paco’s friend Belen (Belen Cuesta), who’s working in a sex club. Viewers concerned about how sexually strong is can relax after this scene, which features nothing worse than a little non-consensual peeing (a throwback, indeed, to a legendary scene in Almodovar’s first 1980 film). Middle-aged Antonio (Luis Callejo) and Maria Candelaria run a fairground attraction and their sex life too is on the rocks until she discovers that she’s sexually aroused by seeing people cry (dacryphilia): Cue attempts to make Luis sad.

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