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“Print” refers to any sort of reproduction of a work – so it could be a giclee made from a photograph or scan of the original, which is arguably the most common use nowadays, or it could mean a “printmaker” who uses a flat plate of some material has created multiple works from that single plate including this print in question (this is usually called a hand-pulled print).

Owing to the artist’s critical misfortunes, before the artist’s definitive resurrection in the mid-1860s signatures of Dutch painters in vogue were added to a number of Vermeer’s works to increase their monetary value.

The mid-career masterpiece changed authors four times and was sold in Berlin as an Eglon van der Neer while bearing the signature “C.

You can learn a lot by looking at the back of a painting.

In fact, some of the most important and revealing information about a work of art is not visible from the front.

) is to assign a number to each panel and then indicate that it is part of a larger work i.e. 2/3 meaning second panel of three in total) in the same way people do when creating a run of prints Signing a pastel drawing - where you've not covered all the paper is easy enough - however it's not easy to sign a pastel painting where the whole of the support is covered.

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