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Full English name as in passport: Jan Wigestrand (English last name as in passport: Wigestrand, English first name as in passport: Jan).

Full name in English alphabet: Jan Wigestrand (last name in English alphabet: Wigestrand, first name in English alphabet: Jan).

The 8th century author of Halakhot Gedolot names four "exegetical books belonging to the Scribes" (Heb. But the baraita must in fact be interpreted in the opposite sense, namely, as following the view of R. The term "mufneh" in the application of the principle "gezerah shawah" occurs only once, and is to be regarded as a later addition.

Ishmael's view, tries to interpret the baraita in the sense of the prescribed halakah. Among the tannaim appearing in the Sifre to Numbers are: The Sifre to Deuteronomy is of an entirely different nature. 53-303), halakic in character, is preceded and followed by haggadic parts, and it has all the characteristics of a midrash from the school of R. The principles underlying the exposition are the same as those in Sifra.

28d must be added, according to Levy in Ein Wort, etc., p. It is perhaps doubtful whether Hoffmann is correct in comparing the above-mentioned passages, or the final remark of R. Yehudah" (= "An anonymous Sifra is Rabbi Yehudah"). Akiva's school, as the above-mentioned passage in Sanhedrin indicates, is shown by the principles of exposition contained in the Sifra; e.g., that where the same expression occurs in two different laws the phrase need not be "mufneh" (pleonastic) in one of them in order to permit of its being used for "gezerah shawah" (argument from analogy); the double use of the expression being explained in accordance with the principles of "ribbui u-mi'uṭ" and "kelal uperaṭ." Certain peculiarities of phraseology are likewise noteworthy: יכול replaces שומע אני or אקרא, the phrases usually found in the Mekilta (once, in Sanh.

10, Ḥiyya himself, in referring to preceding interpretations, indicates that he is the editor. But even if Hoffmann's view does not seem acceptable, it is not necessary to infer that Rab was the editor of the Sifra; for he may merely have added the passages in question, just as he seems to have made an addition to Sifra xii. As regards the sources of Sifra, it is said in the well-known passage Sanh. 96b and the parallel passages mentioned there), "Setam Sifra R.

Full name as in passport: Jan Wigestrand (Surname WIGESTRAND, Given names JAN).

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