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The excuses are as many as the scammer’s imagination can handle and you are their gullible prey!

The so-called Nigerian 419 Scam is the only scam to have a whole section of a National Criminal Code devoted to it and takes its name from Section 419 of the Nigerian National Criminal Code.

It is also the only widespread scam on record as having been the cause of abduction, kidnapping blackmail and even murder! This type of scam, originally known as the "Spanish Prisoner Letter", has been carried out since at least the sixteenth century via ordinary postal mail.

Everyone in the locality of the Inter Net café seems to be upset, therefore involved? There are also apocryphal stories that the police in Nigeria mainly turn a blind eye or are actively involved.

It has also been alleged that the same privileged classes that form successive governments have themselves made their money (and continue to benefit) from the proceeds of 419 scams and therefore are unlikely to back any serious attempts to stop the frauds.

Be on the lookout: A scammer will try to get your money using extremely appealing arguments.

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