Sharepoint site usage summary not updating

by  |  06-Jan-2020 05:12

You can use the report to see which users are active on Share Point and engage with files stored within team sites—a file is counted as active if it has been created, modified, deleted, shared internally or externally or synced to clients.

You can also see which users sync documents back to their local machine and if they share documents internally or externally.

When we go to a subsite of a web application, we get the message: "No data is available for this report.

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All reports also provide information for different timeframes: 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and 180 days.

You can export all reports into CSV format and open them with a tool like Excel to quickly filter or pivot the data for further analysis.

This problem is farm wide and occurs on the different web applications we have in the farm.

Our server's been up and running for a while with a couple thousand users.

I then checked the directory used for the .usage log files and found that they were being created and consumed.

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