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Though the court granted her divorce, her appeal for maintenance was turned down.

The Supreme Court bench said: “You left the matrimonial home on your own, and now you want maintenance. What is the justification for your staying separately?

I tend to cover those stories where the falsely accused either turned the tables on complainant (and gang), or got acquitted and court gave an order to file case on complainant/police etc.

In this article I attempt to collect information on various false rape stories where the courts have given not just acquittal order but termed the whole case to be malicious, false, motivated etc; and so these can be instructive to those who are accused on how to fight back.

Also I will list a few of the IPC sections which are meant to punish both complainants, witnesses, police, lawyers who help in wrongful filing and prosecution.

In last few months I have received calls of false rape cases, threats of such case etc for purpose of pressurizing a man into marriage, extortion and so on.

There is a false rape/gang-rape news reported almost everyday in the media, a few of which I have already blogged about.

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