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Yet, his career took off so quickly that his live show never really had the opportunity to catch up with his celebrity status. On his Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour — The Weeknd’s third major headlining trek to date — he’s finally put it all together on stage, delivering a performance that is as powerfully sexy and engaging as his studio work.

Friday’s show was better by leaps and bounds than his previous Bay Area outings, finally providing compelling evidence that The Weeknd might have what it takes to be a top-tier headliner for years to come.

Titan or not, an even cheaper solution sits just on the corner of State College Boulevard and Chapman Avenue: the local 99 Cents Only Store.

A pack of 12 brightly-colored bits of protection is, you guessed it, only 99 cents.

“I want all the women of San Jose to make some (expletive) noise!

” commanded the star of the show, Abel Tesfaye, otherwise known as the platinum-selling R&B crooner The Weeknd.

He says that with some social media outreach--he did an i Pad and a Kindle giveaway for those who tweeted about the book--and little else, the book quickly reached the Amazon Top 100 and peaked at No. After the initial rise, Smith then decided to drop the price of the book to 99 cents to maintain his ranking in the top 100, which is key to generating sales. His sales, he says, are in the "six figures," and he's now represented by an "A-list" agent, Matt Bialer at Sanford J. "When I went to 99 cents, I was going for longevity," Smith says.

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