Sexchatting communities good dating advice for women

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"It is generally considered to cover all aspects of compulsive online behavior," she said. Young's own Center for Internet Addiction Recovery, studies suggest that as many as one in eight Americans suffer from problematic Internet use -- with higher numbers, up to 30 percent, in China, South Korea and Taiwan.

A recent survey by the polling website Soda Head revealed that 61 percent of 602 respondents felt like they were addicted to the Internet (while 39 percent "could quit if they wanted"). A 2005 story in the ("Hooked on the Web") said that while many obsessive Internet users spend their time indulging in digital variations of addictive vices with real-world analogs, such as gambling or pornography, "Other users have a broader dependency and spend hours online each day, surfing the Web, trading stocks, instant messaging or blogging, and a fast-rising number are becoming addicted to Internet video games." Further evidence of the general acceptance of this phenomenon as a real and damaging one is that, as Dr.

A woman can be drawn in either visually or emotionally.

There is this incorrect idea that only men are visually stimulated, so we get confused when women struggle.

More from The Fix: Not An Addict, Just Addicted The 10 Hardest Drugs To Kick The 10 Greatest Songs About Recovery At some level, Pauline knew even then that this sort of behavior was not healthy, even though it felt good -- just as many alcoholics recall, with a mix of awe and terror, the flush of warmth and belonging that their first drink brings, quickly followed by repeating the pleasurable action over and over again, until ending up vomiting or passed out in a friend's front yard.

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