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She showed up in court looking like she had the f*ck beat out of her. I no for a fact that she told the judge/police/jail staff that she was being forced to do sexual favors for protection. Oh, and they are offered Plea Deals during court proceedings. He was not too bright and could be coerced by the sheriffs department, specifically by Myers to frame Adam.

Either she wasn't any good at the favors or her bs just caught up with her. Seems to me that had she been snitching, she could have made a bond instead of sitting in jail the whole time. There were 4 people arrested in that case & Sydney & her meth cooking bf are the only 2 that have gotten out of jail. Jesica just got kicked out of her boyfriends house and her car taken away because she tried to snitch him out because she got mad at him he was very good to her and she threw it all away and decided to call the law and spilled her guts to them she told them everthing she knew trying to get her boyfriend in trouble and he had just got her 4 roxies so if your selling her pain pills you better look out if she gets mad at you you could be behind bars just giving you Grundy co people a heads up shes a lying woman and a snitch deal with her at your own risk shes broke people in Dunlap and surrounding counties from dealing with her some of them will be in jail because of her sorry but shes no good was Malcolm burrows a snitch or were others snitching on him. But this a major drug operation, so how far deep does it go?

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All are presumed innocent until the charges have been proven in a Booking photos and accompanying information are public records and made available by the Washington County Detention Center.

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