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(Ed note: the Thrillist men in no way attempted to coerce Ms.

Sellitti into speaking highly of beards, especially not by standing over her chair as she typed, silently stroking their sweet, casual beards.) Soul Patch Sported by: Apolo Ohno, Billy Ray Cyrus What it says: That you genuinely thought it was a good look to have a landing strip on your chin since all the other dudes at the Daughtry concert wearing thumb rings and choker necklaces seemed to pull it off.

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One of the great jokes of the film is that the movie, “To Serve and Protect,” is clearly terrible. “No, in another way,” the wounded soldier says, with infinite patience. “I’ve decided to dedicate this night to a great, gay teacher,” Cameron says with genuine joy. The thing that dates “In & Out” the most is its idea that Howard’s way of dressing and his cultural preferences are a kind of tell that ought to have made his sexual orientation manifest all along.

Cameron’s character, Danny, is so dumb that when the soldier who will become his partner tries to confess his affections to Danny in the heat of battle, Danny is bewildered. He teaches English, reading Shakespeare with perfect diction and urging his students to find the romance in classic poetry.

And while “In & Out” may not have the legacy of a show like “Will and Grace,” which Vice President Biden credited with changing his mind on marriage equality, it had surprising reach for a gay romantic comedy, grossing almost $64 million at the box office, and becoming the 25th-most-watched movie of 1997. When his win is announced, Cameron can’t resist the wave of self-congratulation sweeping the room.

At the Academy Awards ceremony that kicks off the action, Cameron Drake is nominated for playing a gay soldier who is discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. At the end of the film, Danny addresses himself to a statue of George Washington to demand “Well, Mr. Dillon, who gives Cameron a kind, dim grace, plays Cameron’s acceptance so we can see him make the decision, mid-speech, to both make a kind gesture and burnish his own credentials by declaring his closeness to a gay man on national television. ” Cameron’s speech sets off a storm of speculation both in his town of Greenleaf, Ind., and in the national media.

is an American actor, filmmaker, musician and comedian.

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