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According to the lawsuit, the girl's traffickers lured customers to the inn through internet advertisements, had men call a number to negotiate a cash price for sex, then had the men go to the motel's front desk, where an employee directed them to a room where the girl was staying at.A hotel clerk named "Abdul" was fully aware that the girl "and other underage children were compelled to perform sex for money," the suit says.Until the late 20th century many states had provisions requiring that the teenage girl must be of previous "chaste character" in order for the sexual conduct to be considered criminal. The act has to be illegal under state or federal law to be charged with a crime under 2422(b), and can even be applied to situations where both parties reside within the same state but use an instant messenger program whose servers are located in another state. § 2260) makes it a federal crime to possess or create sexually explicit images of any person under 18 years of age; this creates a federal age of consent of 18 for pornography.

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The Supreme Court says a person will now need to be convicted of a Tier I crime twice before they have to register as a sex offender for life, not just be convicted of two charges.

District attorneys are saying the ruling could make it harder for them to reach plea deals with offenders, because lifetime registration will already be off the table.

The suit, filed in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, names as defendants the Roosevelt Inn, on the 7600 block of Roosevelt Boulevard in Rhawnhurst; Yagna Patel, its manager; and the motel's parent company, UFVS Management Company, of Purchase, N. The suit contends that the teenage girl, now 17, was enslaved and forced to perform sexual acts with men in 20 at the motel, and that the motel — for its own financial gain — regularly provided rooms to her traffickers.

It contends the defendants "knew or had constructive knowledge" that the girl was "being sexually exploited." Patel, 72, reached by phone Friday, said he had not seen the lawsuit and was not aware of any minors allegedly being victimized in the motel.

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