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The week commemorates the birthday of Anne Sullivan, who was Helen Keller's teacher (both pictured at left). The AFB Public Policy Center, in Washington, DC, collaborates with policy…An age-old question that surfaces regularly in my work is this one: "Is it true that blind people develop super senses, like extra-sensitive hearing or touch, to compensate for not being able to see?

" Indeed, researchers, scholars, and philosophers have addressed this elusive question for many years: In 1749,…Rebecca Sheffield, Ph. She also is the author of two important and helpful Public Policy Center publications:…A retina with wet AMD Of all the eye research developments reported on the Vision Aware blog, it is stem cell research for eye disease that generates the most inquiries from our readers.

Many readers request information about stem cells, assuming that this is an established and widely-performed treatment for eye disease; others ask for help in finding a doctor who will administer "stem cell treatments." In response to these inquiries, my message is always the same: "Although stem cell research for eye disease has produced a small number of interesting results, it is in its very earliest safety-testing…Guest blogger Kay Mc Gill (pictured at left recording a Public Service Announcement) is the manager of Project Independence: Georgia Vision Program for Adults Age 55 and Over.

Now, it appears as though the Hollywood couple is on the verge of a breakup because of Jolie’s sagging career and Pitt’s reported infidelity.

According to co-star, Marion Cotillard, is at the center of Brangelina’s crumbling marriage.

It is settlement based in a single location rather than involving moving camp at regular intervals.

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