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But then, on March 24, 2003, less than six weeks after Klein and his longtime friend and business partner, Barry Schwartz, sold their company to Phillips–Van Heusen, picking up 0 million in cash for themselves (plus approximately million in PVH stock, along with future royalties), the designer set jaws dropping, tongues wagging, and headlines screaming across New York. Miraculously, his work hadn’t suffered—which says a lot about Klein’s extraordinary sense of responsibility to his company—and, for the most part, neither had his public image.The motel manager told investigators Davis rented rooms there and paid for them in cash.

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School officials said the incident didn't involve a student that attends Alvin High School.

“I’m deeply saddened and disgusted that someone entrusted to serve the children of our community would violate this trust," said Dr. Authorities are keeping the identity of the child confidential.

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