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Once they do enter a message they will automatically be joined into that chat and they will get an instant notification whenever a new message arrives.

Users can enter in profile information like first name, last name, sex, and age. This means that complete strangers can communicate with others using the Blue Chat app.

While the experts continue to deliberate over how to officially define sex addiction, they can agree that in many ways, sex addiction manifests like a substance use disorder.

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There are a lot of ramifications to consider, but a good place to start from is getting informed about the apps that are out there.

We've gone through some of the most popular anonymous sharing apps so you can judge for yourself which ones are the least dangerous. An app for sharing secrets that "you could not share on Facebook or Twitter." It's styling itself as an alternative to the sites you regularly use to dump feelings.

To start chatting, users can go to the Public tab on their device and see all the nearby conversations that are going on.

After selecting one, they can type in a message in the input box and start chatting.

Most people do, and sometimes it's incredibly painful to not be able to share it. But there's a growing fear that these apps, with their popularity among teens and young adults, are like bully breeding grounds. Over half of all teenagers have been cyberbullied, and roughly the same percentage have committed it.

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