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In British broadcasting, the watershed is the point in time after which programmes with adult content may be broadcast.In the same way that a watershed refers to the crest dividing two drainage basins, a broadcasting watershed serves as a dividing line.Experience and explore all of your favorite sexual fantasies and ones you didn't even know about with PORN. Each one of our free porn channels are dedicated and tailor-made to satisfy fans no matter what the fetish!

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In last year's series - filmed in a luxury villa in Belgrade - complete strangers were introduced who then went through wedding ceremonies to see how long the relationship could survive the pressure.

There has been no comment from the production team behind Couples.

Examples of adult content include, but are not limited to, graphic violence, horror, strong language, nudity, sexual intercourse, gambling and drug use, or references to these themes without necessarily portraying them.

In most countries, the same set of rules also applies to advertisements on radios and television, both for the content of the commercial and the nature of the product or service being advertised.

Watershed has other names in other countries; it is known as safe harbor in the United States (a reference to the legal term of safe harbor, in this case indicating the time when broadcasters are protected from penalties for airing indecent but not obscene material).

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