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Appearance: detached, calm, self-absorbed, wistful. Role: soloist, artisan, mercenary, sensualist, hedonist. This type is intense within but seem withdrawn to others. They build a fortress of independence and emotional security around themselves, selectively stepping out to seek intimacy and intense experiences.

This may create a pull-push effect, in which they draw others in but detach when they feel like they may get hurt.

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A religious leader named Simon invited Jesus to a dinner party.

During the dinner a woman who was known as a “sinner” came in, fell at Jesus’ feet weeping, and poured expensive perfume on him.

Difference theory has roots in the studies of John Gumperz, who examined the differences in cross-cultural communication.

While difference theory deals with cross-gender communication, the male and female genders are often presented as being two separate cultures, hence the relevance of Gumperz's studies.

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