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within the Dog Grooming forums, part of the Keeping and Caring for Dogs category; Hey everyone, I was wondering if it's considered cruel to sedate my dog for a grooming appointment. Oh no, I wasn't even suggesting that I'd sedate him myself, that's very dangerous.The groomer is in the same office as my vet so if I were to get him sedated, he'd be examined by his vet and then sedated. (99.9% of the time, anyway.) Then along comes Slumdog..all my normal recommendations are thrown out the window.

However, tranquilizers only offer a short term solution and are not treatments for the dog’s behavior.

Therefore it is advisable that you see a specialist who can offer professional advice on how to help your dog.

Ever wonder what it takes to keep a pet safe after surgery? Too bad it’s so tough to impress upon owners the need to properly care for their post-surgical pet. And she's supposed to weigh about 40 pounds.) And what’s worse: Her fracture was newly unstable. In the crate, he paws at the door (with his bad limb, too! In the hospital he’s even worse, reacting to everyone that walks into the room.

In some cases it’s simple, as when a calm animal can be easily left in a comfy crate for long stretches at a time. After all, pets need a chance to heal and most won’t comply without physical restrictions on their often injurious behavior. Crazy bouncy Labs, loudmouth crate barkers, separation anxiety cases, silly little kittens and pets who require long recoveries after orthopedic surgery, for example. Here’s one story that highlights how things can go terribly wrong when owners don’t comply: After a puppy with a nasty open fracture was unceremoniously “dumped” at our hospital a few years back, I took it upon myself to beg free services off my vet surgeon boyfriend and foster her at home during her recovery. Though he settles quickly, the potential for damage is high.

to fireworks or thunderstorms) or if he is hyperactive, you can administer drugs based on melatonin.

Sedating my dog

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