Free no signup mature dating sites - Secunia not updating flash

by  |  24-Nov-2019 13:29

I have updated my Adobe Flash Player, and that's fine now, but the installation failed to get rid of the old versions of Macromedia Flash.The Secunia writeup even hinted this might be a problem, and suggesting I go to "the vendor" (Adobe) to find out how to ...One would think bright programmers such as yourselves could clean this up.... It alerts users about updates mand vulnerabilities .

I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I screw up somehow.

When one installs flashplayer, it seems it installs itself as somehow undeleteable.

This would be fine if:1) You supplied a "factory" uninstalleror2) Your "factory" install would clean up old versions.

The result of not having those is having MANY 3rd party programs out there that claim to clean things up for the user.

The explosion of smartphones and mobile devices, which don't support Flash, has also driven most websites to reduce their reliance on Flash and other similar technologies.

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