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Originally broadcast as one episode per week, in 2011 it is being shown five times weekly.

Audience numbers have varied over its lifespan, with viewing figures well below one million being contrasted with highs of four million.

They hold eminent positions in prestigious universities. But, as Philip Davies explains, their work is fraught with political implications: Debate about ancient Israel is also debate about modern Israel, and in the eyes of many people, the legitimacy of the latter depends on the credibility of the biblical portrait.

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Their conclusions are radical: that the Israelites are Canaanites who forged a new identity, that there was no Exodus, that King David was not much more than a bandit, that the empire of Solomon never existed, and that the God of Israel may have had a wife, Asherah.

All this, the new wave say, was whitewashed by the authors of the Old Testament (Tanakh), who only put pen to paper centuries after the events they wrote about.

I also explore the religion of ancient Israel, and the development of Christianity.

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