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By the series finale, Harm and Mac became engaged to be married and would continue to live in either San Diego or London, based on who won a coin flip based on where they had been promoted to.

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I flew my first solo flight when I was 15 and got my private pilot’s license three years ago at 21.

I’ve climbed 10 of the 14,000-foot peaks in my home state of Colorado.

She was then the only Ukrainian female soldier in the (2004–2008) Ukrainian peacekeeping troops in Iraq.

Upon returning, she successfully petitioned the Defense Ministry for the right to attend the prestigious Air Force University in Kharkiv, which until then had been open only to men; she graduated in 2009.

During the 2014 War in Donbass, Savchenko, a first lieutenant in the Ukrainian Ground Forces, served as instructor with a volunteer infantry unit, Aidar Battalion.

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