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The religious historian will do an inferior job if he has not at least an inkling of many other specialisms.As historians, we live in a large and ample room – in which we meet people of every race and colour and religious and political creed.

In this context, religion means any set of human beliefs relating to that which they regard as sacred, holy, spiritual or divine - whether or not deities are involved.

Since Antiquity, the most common type of religious art has been painting and portable sculpture.

It seems to me quite natural, for example, that the study of the history of the Church was one of the most creative sciences in the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century.

In the nineteenth century another approach to history, equally ideological though in a very different way, made the writings of Karl Marx immensely fruitful and influential in stimulating new historical currents.

In the 20th century a new emphasis emerged in , especially for crucifixes in liturgical settings.

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