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Living as they do in a rarefied world often inbred by its nature, they are very very well liked, almost uncommonly so.

One often eventually hears something untoward (or downright gossipy) about those who travel in the highest circles.

both as a couple and individually, even before they met and married more than two decades ago.

If there were a very select list of the top socialites in New York, they would undoubtedly be on it.

Maybe a day after then-married socialite Mercedes Bass threw a dinner roll across a crowded ballroom at then-married billionaire oil heir Sid Bass in June 1986, the two began conducting the kind of affair that very rich people conduct: Sid and Mercedes holed up in a suite at the Carlyle, while his financial advisers waited in the lobby, in vain, for him to make meetings concerning his vast portfolio.

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