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is fighting back against those stalker allegations.

Yeah so, 38 year old surf shop owner, READ: trust fund baby, Alex von Furstenberg hired a plane to fly a message to former NBA star Reggie Miller ordering him to stop pursuing married women, after Reggie allegedly stalked Alex' girlfriend [not wife], bombarding her with unwanted phone calls and texts.

I was eating at a restaurant, and Tim Commerford, bassist for Rage Against the Machine and a huge workout fanatic, came up to me. It takes four hours, canyon after canyon after canyon, from fire roads to singletrack.”TRAIL MIX: “I’m not just a biker. One time I was coming up on a ridge and heard something in the brush.

He said, ‘Hey, you should come out riding with us.’ ‘Us’ ended up being Tim, Laird Hamilton, and this guy we call Wild Man, who used to own a chain of fitness gyms. Scott at Serious Cycling said that I needed a custom bike with 29-inch wheels and a bigger frame. It’s easier than running.”GROWING UP OUTDOORS: “Growing up in Riverside, we went out our front door, made a left turn, and in 20 steps we were in a canyon. I thought maybe it was a coyote or a fox or a deer making the bushes move.

Reggie also says while they rarely met up, they had a textual relationship for months till he broke it off and removed her name from his phone, at which time Reg swears von Girlfriend begged to get back on.

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