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Compared to atomic absorption spectroscopy, ICP-MS has greater speed, precision, and sensitivity.

The variety of applications exceeds that of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy and includes isotopic speciation.

An inductively coupled plasma is a plasma that is energized (ionized) by inductively heating the gas with an electromagnetic coil, and contains a sufficient concentration of ions and electrons to make the gas electrically conductive.

As of mid-2016, Canada has three active mines: Ekati and Diavik (figure 1), located about 30 km from each other in the Northwest Territories (figure 2), and the Victor mine in northern Ontario.

Snap Lake, recently placed in a care and maintenance status, lies within 80 km of Ekati and Diavik.

Diavik is now expected to operate through 2024; upon closure, the equipment, buildings, and infrastructure will be removed and the land returned as closely as possible to its original condition.

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