whos is drake bell dating - R niall and demi dating

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Behind singles “Come & Get It” and “Slow Down,” the album was also RIAA gold certified.

In 2015, Gomez dropped the hit single “The Heart Wants What It Wants”.

'Taz is our king and yes we all share him, the way I look at it is we rather have a quarter of a real n****r than a whole f*****g n*****r, most ya b*****s sharing ya man with ur best friend, ur neighbor, shit, even ur sister and don't even know it.

At the end of the day it's our life and we don't give a f*** what anyone thinks about us.' [sic]She said: 'It goes beyond the typical partying you see on Snapchat into some darker s***.

A while back, rumors started going around that Niall and Demi were Skyping each other.

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