Text based sex chat for mobile - Pwdlastset attribute not updating

by  |  20-Oct-2019 10:08

I actually argued against it based on the problems it was creating with the deletions of computers that should not have been deleted.

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It has affected on a very small numbers of computer in a very large pool, so it is not a huge problem, but one I would like to solve if possible so that I have an option other than reimaging the computer.

I tried solving the issue of computer not updating their 'pwd Last Set' attribute by deleting their computer accounts in AD, recreating it, moving the computer to a workgroup & then rejoining the domain, but this did not work.

For example we want to test that if you have a policy that says you must change your password every 30 days and you last changed your password 25 days ago, you should get a warning message saying that you have 5 days to change your password.

The problem is that we can't seem to update the pwd Last Set attribute. If it can not, does anyone have any ideas how to test such expiration logic without spending days of wall clock time?

Below is a Powershell script that I created to achieve this.

Pwdlastset attribute not updating

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