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Since 2009 musicians host the Chamber Music Festival - Music at Springs in Bydgoszcz.

The repertoire of Barock Quartet includes works of such composers as Bach, Haendel, Vivaldi, and Mozart, as well as Polish music of the 19 Born in San Pedro, in 1969, Nelson Goerner is one of the foremost pianists of his generation - an excellent soloist and highly regarded chamber musician.

Nominations are open online from 12 June to 11 August.

The independent Jury of 30 Commercial Counselors from Embassies (as well as Country-specialist Desk officers, Inward Investment experts, and international bankers) voted Wednesday night to award the following companies.

Promujemy ideę przejrzystych relacji między podmiotami gospodarczymi a instytucjami życia publicznego, które będą ułatwiały dbanie o dobro wspólne.

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