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“In sticking with my vision that POF is all about relationships, I’m going to make a bunch of changes to ensure it stays a relationship-focused site.” With the recent announcement that one-third of marriages are a result of couples meeting online, I believe POF’s decision to say goodbye to those looking to hook up is a wise one.

There are 3.3 million people who use the site every day.

He said, "you tell me." The Old Guy argued that he had been medically tested and while he was biologically 65, he was physiologically 35, and I would be lucky to keep up with him. They were after the one thing your dad always warned you about. Markus Frind, Founder and CEO of Plenty of Fish, the world's largest dating website, is trying to eliminate those on his website who are looking to hook up rather than to find a real relationship.

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With 2.4 billion page views every month, and every day on average 3.6 million members logging in and having 10 million conversations, members are guaranteed to meet a variety of singles on the site actively looking for friendship, casual dating, and serious relationships.

Don’t let the nonexistent price tag fool you – Po F is a fully functional site with every feature you would expect from a dating site (plus a few fun bonuses).

"We wanted to generate more relationships among women, and men for that matter," Frind, said, "and the best way to do that was eliminate this kind of behavior." On May 20, 2013, Frind sent an email to all his subscribers detailing the changes he planned. You can't consume as much information," Frind said. It generates a different kind of perception, a different kind of feel." One way Frind is eliminating hook up seeking is by using automated systems to flag and delete sexually provocative emails.

The list included deleting first contact between users that contained sexual references, disallowing contact between users with greater than a 14-year age difference and elimination of the "Intimate Encounters" category of dating, Frind attributes the recent increase in hook up offers to the increase in mobile application use. "We went from 20 percent mobile to 70 percent in a year-and-a-half." Frind relayed that the mobile app use is later at night and more casual with more condensed messages. "When men send messages, they try to do it in the minimum amount of words possible," Frind noted.

"So what they do is use certain combinations of words.

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