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Additional detail on a gauge can be ascertained by a simple click to the level.

Metrics for a given level are: CFS, Stage (ft), in/hr for rain, and r.c. The astrix (*) indicates a comment on the flow, plus ( ) indicates a good flow, tilde (~) indicates that this is a stand-in for the real flow, or the flow is delayed, an explination mark (!

Ample horse trailer parking areas are convenient to the stables.

There are two covered kitchen shelters, located on the edge of small grassy areas at either end of the Horse Camp, which can be reserved by groups or individuals on a daily basis.

The shelters have central indoor fireplaces, picnic tables, serving counters with sinks and coin-operated electric stovetops, and large outdoor BBQ’s. Choose other basemap types using the dropdown Map menu in the upper right.

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