Parent dating child

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Parents, like all people, are divided within themselves in the sense that they have feelings of warm self-regard as well as self-critical feelings and attitudes.

Children are incredibly sensitive to how their parents feel toward themselves.

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Ginsberg, Ph D, a child and family psychologist in Doylestown, Pa., and author of 50 Wonderful Ways to Be a Single-Parent Family.

"It helps reinforce your emotional connection." Build a network of people you trust that can help with childcare, carpooling, and even projects around the house.

To make sure that your son's reluctance is not based on a good reason not to like your boyfriend, I would recommend asking a couple of close friends or family members whether they have any concerns.

“Be the kind of person that you want your child to grow up to be.

Oh and also - how on earth do I talk to him - is there any way of getting some light, non school related, bordering on slightly flirty conversation into things when I speak to him, and if so how much 'flirting' is appropriate?

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