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The amendment, which was agreed to by representatives of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, said: "Our support of democracies and civilian governments in the Western Hemisphere includes our belief that their military and police forces should never be involved in the political process, and therefore we will reinstate the 2000 Congressional mandate to close the School of the Americas now known as WHINSEC." The US Army School of the Americas (SOA) was founded in 1946 and originally located at Fort Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone.

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The school was founded in 1946 and from 1961 was assigned the specific goal of teaching "anti-communist counterinsurgency training," a role which it would fulfill for the rest of the Cold War.

In July, 2016, just days before the Democratic Party convention, a Platform Committee meeting in Orlando, Florida, issued a call for the closing of the Institute as one of its planks into the Democratic Party's policy platform.

On September 21, 1984, the school was expelled from Panama under the terms of the Panama Canal Treaty. All elements of the School of the Americas are located at Fort Benning with the exception of the Helicopter School Battalion which is located at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

In December of that year, the school reopened at Fort Benning, Georgia, as part of the U. By 2000 the School of the Americas was under increasing criticism in the United States for training students who later participated in undemocratic governments and committed human rights abuses. Joseph Blair, a former director of instruction at the school, said in 2002 that "there are no substantive changes besides the name.

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