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That's because, from fragments of text written on bits of parchment to overly abundant chips of wood allegedly salvaged from his crucifix, none of the physical evidence of Jesus' life and death hold up to scientific scrutiny. ] Holy Hardware In a documentary called "The Nails of the Cross," set to air April 20 on the History Channel, filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici tells the story of two nails allegedly discovered in a 2,000-year-old tomb in Jerusalem.He presents circumstantial evidence that seems to suggest the rusty relics once nailed Jesus to the cross.

that links and further authenticates two holy relics that millions of Christians believe offer physical proof of the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But before we explore the research and the relics, let us recall a New Testament passage concerning faith in Christ and the need for physical evidence.

Jesus Christ may be the most famous man who ever lived. Most theological historians, Christian and non-Christian alike, believe that Jesus really did walk the Earth.

They draw that conclusion from textual evidence in the Bible, however, rather than from the odd assortment of relics parading as physical evidence in churches all over Europe.

On route you will be treated to all that the old town has to offer and you will also have the opportunity to call in at one of the cities tourist offices where maps and tourism guides are readily available.

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