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It can be hard for guys to get ahead on Tinder, even when they aren't making colossal mistakes.

Standing out from the pack of sweaty dudes is no easy feat when you know women are swiping past tons of look-alike bros at a breakneck speed.

The program has even been ranked one of the most socially engaging shows across cable.

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Some men have been forthright enough to reveal their real age on the first phone call, others have done so on the first date and I have shockingly discovered the rest on my own at our first face-to-face. when I am expecting a 38-year old and in walks a 50-year old in his place (and, let me tell you that I love dating older men, it is the surprise that is my issue).

I have to admit that the explanations have been fair and consistent.

For the first time since Trump’s Inauguration, there seems to be agreement between the majority of the main stream media, lawmakers and the American people.

The consensus is that President Trump’s address to Congress was his best speech to date.

Based on a prosecution request, Superior Court Judge Greg Sypolt ruled that he would not allow most of the testimony detailing Channin Starbuck’s online dating history, which the sons earlier told The Spokesman-Review started some 14 years ago.

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