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But it's just two days, he can't possibly mess anything up in that time, right? Comedian JR Hennessy breaks down exactly how bad it can get. The thing that we knew was an inevitability of the resignation of Warren Truss and the ascendancy of Barnaby Joyce. I have no solid evidence of the things that Barnaby would attempt as acting Prime Minister. These are some things that could feasibly happen in the next two days: Very possible.

Barnaby may well have many beliefs that align perfectly with Australia’s interests, but he also has numerous ancillary interests, including frowning at alpacas and murdering Hollywood dogs. He only has two days at the helm while Turnbull hobnobs about, but the damage he could do in this time is immeasurable.

Barnaby has shown his egregious hatred of our four-legged friends through his insistent demand that they be killed.

Johnny Deep, a star of some repute, I’m told, faced Barnaby’s confirmed deep distrust for all canine specimens walking the surface of Earth when Joyce demanded their immediate termination because they flew on a plane.

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