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One of the first 'Tinder, but for XYZ' apps out there, 3nder was originally conceived as a way for hooking up threesomes (hence the name), but quickly evolved into a dating marketplace for all kinds of sexual fetishes.

You can avoid bumping into anyone you know on Facebook by choosing Incognito Mode, and you can anonymously invite friends to join the app.

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She points to a profile photograph showing only an enormous pair of breasts. For 495 Australian dollars (about $400) per hour, Bridgette will come to your home or hotel for sex.

Outside, in the brothel lounge, about 17 other women—mostly Australian but also Asian, African, and European—bide their time waiting to be summoned for house calls or clients who walk in off the street.

It's where Trekkies can go to find someone who shares their passions, who can talk dirty in Klingon, who can beam them up into pleasure town. The website does advise one should "work on your Star Trek knowledge because this is what turns our members on", so safe to say I'd have all the erotic pull of a wet tissue. We interviewed the Australian dude who launched it a while back, and he told us that talking about "socially inconvenient conclusions" distances you from all the sheeple suffering "reality denial syndrome". Yep, Tastebuds connects you to people with similar tastes in music, and even launched an app in 2012 that analysed your most played tracks on Spotify and used it to find you a suitable partner.

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