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Newtown Hardware House is an independently owned hardware store located at 106 S. The Newtown Hardware House was built in 1869 by Cyrus Hillborn and Harrison C. 108 South State Street was a hardware store operated by Hillborn and Worstall, and 106 South State Street was a dry goods store operated by George E.

The collections are of particular value to persons interested in genealogical information of former Newtown residents, and the maps and deeds are of assistance to those studying land history or dating historic houses in the Newtown area.

In 2001, the archives were supplemented by a donation of over 150 photographs from the estate of Norman Kitchin.

The Research Center & Barnsley Room of Newtown History is open to the public without charge on Tuesdays from AM to PM, Thursdays from PM to PM, and by appointment.

A disgraced reporter was busted Friday for unleashing a campaign of terror against Jewish centers in the Big Apple and across the country — all to get back at the girlfriend in Brooklyn who kicked him to the curb, authorities said.

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