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Virginia City lies in extreme western Nevada nestled on the eastern slopes of the Virginia range, in the shadow of Mount Davidson.

From Reno take Highway 395 to exit 57B, then climb along scenic route 341, known as Geiger Grade.

“Steam Built” Our graphic artist Donna showed me this video from the VCBelow The Surface website run by the Virginia City Tourism Commission: Tom is our beloved, fearless leader at the Virginia & Truckee Railroad 😆 Actually, his title is Vice President of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Company, […] We’ve Been Working on the Railroad Technically National Train Day is the Saturday closest to May 10, but we’re not waiting!

Tom Gray sent me this photo of work happening today: On the left is Alex; swinging the hammer is Dennis.

Early in their history, Virginia City and its southern neighbor, Gold Hill, grew until they met at a place known as the Divide.

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