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Coughlin is smaller in person than what you would expect an Olympic swimmer to be—so compact, in fact, that when she stands to greet me, she seems to be little more than huge blue eyes framed by long dark lashes.

But when I catch a glimpse of her shoulder muscles poking through her T-shirt, I remember I'm dining with a woman who can swim backward faster than I can run forward.

Coughlin lives in California with her husband, Crow Canyon Sharks Coach, Ethan Hall.

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After Natalie dropped out of the running to go to this year's games, Buzzfeed tapped her for a video in which she applies various mascaras, eyeliners and lipsticks to see which ones really hold up in the water. Maybe for festival season or poolside in Vegas,' Natalie says of the vivid liner.

'Actually this held up really well - like really, really well. 'I got some all over my eyelashes, but I think that's user error more than anything.''I traditionally have not looked for waterproof make-up just because I don't tend to wear make-up when I'm in the pool,' she says.

With an impressive 12 Olympic medals under belt, Natalie Coughlin, 33, is (rightfully) known for her swimming prowess, not her make-up skills.

Still, with the amount of time she spends in the pool, we can think of few people better suited for putting waterproof cosmetics to the test. My lashes look kind of chunky right now just because they're wet, but it's not dripping down my face like I was worried about.' 'This is definitely a fun [look].

"Michelle Obama has done so much for arms," Coughlin says, laughing as she looks down at her impressive biceps.

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