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As of 2010, Willie Sotelo, who joined the group in 2006 as pianist, has become the band's de facto musical director on tours, with Ithier conducting the group and playing occasionally in select live performances.They are still actively performing after 50 years together.

They were tourists passing through town and regulars greeting old friends.

Then, suddenly, gunfire ripped through the gay nightclub and turned them into something else — victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. Alejandro Barrios Martinez left Cuba for a new life in Florida just last year only to be slain in an Orlando nightclub.

"When he finally admitted it, I said, ' I'm not going to sign these [record] contracts until you go into rehab.' On three separate occasions we put him in different forms of rehab over the past three years." Deakin says he, Malo and Perez — who along with Jerry Dale Mc Fadden make up the four core members of the Mavericks — are choosing to make the intra-band turmoil public for the sake of Reynolds, Reynolds' wife and the eclectic group's fans.

In October, the band posted a message on its Facebook page that read, "At this moment Robert has chosen to take time to attend to personal matters. And we offer our full support to him and his family in this difficult time." Shortly after, they released a second statement detailing the creation of a fund for Reynolds' wife Angie, who is battling cancer. "We set up, inadvertently, some assumptions," Deakin admits.

For their first recording sessions, the orchestra included some musicians from Cortijo's original lineup, including saxophonist Hector Santos, trumpet player Rogelio "Kito" Velez, and percussionists Martín Quiñones, Miguel Cruz and Roberto Roena.

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