Misadventures in dating

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I’m not very active on there, so it had slipped my mind.A day or two ago, I got an e-mail from Linked In with update notifications about various people in my connections, including one for Charles, saying he was celebrating three years at his current job, which happens to be about 45 minutes from where I live. Which means that he found a job back here while he was still involved with me, yet continued the charade of saying he was working out of state, contacting me every few months or so, etc as if he happened to be in town visiting his kids.I know tons of people who have met their now significant others online.

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Misadventures in dating

I technically have about another month paid on the 3 (yes 3) sites I signed on too BUT I don’t think I have patience to keep at it.

Internet Dating has changed a bit since last time I tried to meet a guy online.

Some of you might be thinking your mother is the worst person you could tell, insert dramatic voice. The sister, is married with a baby and thinks I should be married with a baby so we can do married and baby stuff together, so she is kind of…enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Back to mother, she was just wanting a status update, but nothing really to report. She encouraged me to write back with facts about myself.

From what I know about her experiences with online dating, that is an incredibly accurate description.

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