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FEMA relies heavily on communities to provide notification of changing flood hazard information and to submit the technical support data needed to reflect the updated flood hazards on the NFIP maps.

Although revisions may be requested to change any of the information presented on the NFIP maps, FEMA generally will not revise an effective map unless the changes involve modifications to Special Flood Hazard Areas (1% annual chance floodplains or flood elevations).

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This is Recipe 11.16, “How to Add, Update, and Remove Elements with Immutable Maps” You want to add, update, or delete elements when working with an immutable map.

Use the correct operator for each purpose, remembering to assign the results to a new map.

You to use these type checking tools in order to use Immutable.js, however becoming familiar with their syntax will help you get a deeper understanding of this API. All methods describe the kinds of data they accept and the kinds of data they return.

With over 20,000 communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), it is a challenge to keep flood hazard maps up to date.

We’ve seen that removes the imperative way of having to define the if-statement, but what if fetching the Java articles is really hurting our performance?

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