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She invited me to hang out at her place after she gets out of her night class. i have like 1/2 a sense of smell so i dont notice things that much personally.#2 brush your damn teeth.#3 be yo self fool The longer you wait the more brutal it will be.We might go to dinner, depending on whether she has the energy to do so. Not the actual meeting, but actually convincing yourself to do it and the anxiety leading up to it.I feel very comfortable talking to her, we're both excited to meet, but I'm a little nervous because I've never met up with someone I talked to on a dating app before.

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We share the same interests and have good chemistry.

I deleted my social media accounts after hurting myself skiing and we exchanged phone numbers and have been talking every day, pretty much all day, since.

So don't just try to impress her--pay attention to her, listen more than talk, ask her opinion on something--even something little like a birthday present you need to buy for someone or something like that. I've noticed that my son can talk to girls because he just knows girl stuff from being around his sisters.

In other words, a girl should feel good about herself when she is with you, not just think *you* are great.

Maybe right now you’re thinking of speaking to someone you’re attracted to. But you just want to make sure you don’t run out of good things to talk about. All you can think of is some boring question or stupid comment, but nothing interesting or good enough to actually say out loud.

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