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Ms Bradbury “hires some of her clothing by agreement with the BBC specifically to ensure that no single brand or style features too frequently in any of the series in which she appears.

The show at 6.15pm on BBC1 on Sunday celebrates the centenary of the birth of composer Benjamin Britten.

Matt Baker also takes a look at the rare Suffolk Punch horse, Ellie Harrison meets alpacas, and Julia Bradbury hunts for wildlife at Sizewell B.

Martin Read, head of environmental support at Sizewell B, said: “Bringing on to the Sizewell estate and into the power station has provided a great opportunity to demonstrate the importance we place on the highest environmental standards at our sites.

Elsewhere, Ellie Harrison made a triumphant return to Countryfile, after taking several months off following the birth of her third child.

It’s one of the must-see television events of the year, and Selena Gomez’s performance was one of the most highly-anticipated moments of the show.

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