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These two, who met on set, aren't the only dynamic Hollywood duos to meet at work.

Take a look at these other stars who were starring in their own rom-com off screen. The "Twilight" couple were hush-hush about their off-screen coupling, though they were photographed together all over the world.

biographies from pages 265 - 340 are listed in this file. He taught school for thirteen years in Carver and Nicollet counties, and made an excellent record as an instructor.

The easiest way to access this file is with your computers word / term search option. Aretz Having served faithfully as deputy county auditor of Carver county during the last eleven years and as city clerk of Chaska during the last eight, J. Aretz, of Chaska, has fully demonstrated his ability and genuine worth as a public official and justified the confidence and regard the people of all classes in the county have for him. In 1903 he was appointed deputy auditor of Carver county, and he has hold this office ever since, and from 1906 to the present time (1915) he has also served as city clerk of the .

M.'s brothers are Martin, , which he attended two years.

They have seven children: Raymond A., Henry V., Edward M., Pauline A., Eugene E., Guy F. For a time he continued his work in and meanwhile hired a man to hold his land for him, paying sixty dollars for the holding of one eighty-acre tract.

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