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The College is used as a venue for many events and conferences, both in term and in the vacation, so early discussion of dates with the Conference Office is necessary.

The marriage service must usually take place between 8a.m. To be married in the College Chapel, you will need a Special Licence from the Faculty Office (a church legal office). There are more details at the Faculty Office website. Some countries do not always recognise as legal marriages contracted in the United Kingdom; the Chaplain will explain the procedure here if this applies. We encourage everyone who is marrying in church to think about why they want to do so, and if you aren’t baptised we would be happy to discuss this with you – but there’s no requirement that you must be baptised before you are married in the Church of England.

Due to the severe competition among these websites, the membership fees are very nominal.

Many of these sites also allow you to keep an anonymous profile wherein others will not be able to access your details but you would be able to see others details.

Magdalene College is a superb venue for a wedding, and a marriage service in Chapel can be a rich and meaningful start to your married life.

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