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No matter how much you don't have in common, you will always have your genes. You had some heavy emotions going on when Ashley's dad died. I was with [Gabrielle Christian, who plays Spencer], and she's like, "How did you do that?

You are always happy and bubbly and you get these really dramatic crying scenes and you can just pull it. And at the end of every take you start giggling and laughing." I don't know.

, Ashley (played by Mandy Musgrave) has already had to cope with the death of her rock-star father, watch her girlfriend get beaten up as part of an anti-gay hate crime, and cope with the surprise appearance of her illegitimate half-sister (who, on top of it all, is suddenly interested in Ashley's ex-boyfriend). caught up with Mandy, who, despite a killer sore throat, dished about what else is in store for Ashley and Spencer. What do you think of the season so far?

Mandy Musgrave And Gabrielle Christian Dating : Dating Concepts For Recently Divorced Women Over 40 - Dating Suggestions For Recently Divorced Women Over 40Dating after a divorce may possibly be difficult for women of any age.

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