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Sasha might not have won, but Jayne loved the process, describing it as 'the best fun ever'. 'I fell in love with a pink dress that made her look like a princess, but the people advising us told us you should always match the dress to the eyes - so we went for green. They reminded me of little ballerina dolls.' What sort of mother wants her daughter to look like a doll?

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The B&B is in the centre of Antwerp, within the original monastery walls of St. Owners Daniel and Nathalie offer two adult-only suites, each with a separate living area.

Breakfasts are not only included, but served to your room.

The December 2010 issue featured provocatively dressed schoolgirl Thylane Loubry Blondeau reclining in adult garments with lipstick and blush.

The Vogue cover sparked controversy in the US before igniting debate back in France; where 84 per cent of French found the photos demeaning, one poll found The French parliamentary report seeks to explain why a growing number of schoolgirls as young as eight wear padded bras, high heels or make up and strike suggestive poses and expressions that do not match their age.

We’ve gathered a list of some particularly noteworthy hotels and B&Bs together with accommodation booking sites that may be useful when planning your next trip.

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